"Green" Sustainable design will be the standard by which all other design will be measured. M2 Interiors & Design is excited to be leading the forefront of this growing movement. 

Mary Maas LEED AP, Interior Designer is available to assist you with your Sustainable “Green” design strategies. 

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Imagine living in a home that elegantly blends comfort, health, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and personal well being…

                                                               This is the beauty of green design.

Sustainable or “green” design tends to promote energy efficiency, use of products and materials that don’t off-gas, are renewable or recyclable and reduce harmful waste in their production. If you think about it, all these applied to your home means a safer more energy efficient environment for you and your family.

Have you ever walked into a house and the first thing you notice is the "new" house smell!  That scent is probably from paints, varnishes, flooring, kitchen cabinets, plywood, adhesives or other chemicals used to make the carpet, cabinetry, & plastics in the house. Those materials are off-gassing fumes and over time they will dissipate (that's the good news). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns about the health effects of poor Indoor Air Quality from the off -gassing of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These compounds can include chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and formaldehyde. Common sense tells you that it probably isn't the best thing for your health to breathe in too much of these compounds. At this point you are wondering about the chemicals in the air in your house?

So how do we make your home healthy and not have all those toxic fumes in it?

In the past you had to do away with certain materials such as carpeting. However with the advent of LEED, many building material manufacturers have adjusted their manufacturing practices and are coming out with paints and carpets that either have no VOCs or low VOC. Many cabinet makers are no longer using formaldehydes in their glues. 
It is coming...
"Green" Sustainable Design
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